License Renewal Applications for Radio Broadcast Stations

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All radio broadcast station licenses are scheduled to expire between 2019 and 2022. Each AM, FM, noncommercial educational FM, FM Translator, and Low Power FM (LPFM) station must file an application for license renewal (FCC Form 303-S) four months prior to the expiration date of the station’s license in accordance with the schedule set forth below. All stations, except LPFM and FM Translator stations, also must file a Broadcast Equal Employment Opportunity Program Report (FCC Form 396) at the same time. Noncommercial educational FM stations must additionally file an ownership report on Form 323-E at the same time.

During the license renewal process, listeners of the stations whose licenses are up for renewal may participate in the process either by filing a Petition to Deny or informal objection against a renewal. Positive comments about a broadcaster’s service may also be filed. Procedures for filing documents with the Commission in the context of a license renewal are covered below.

Related auxiliary stations and FM Booster stations are renewed with the main station license; do not file separate renewal applications for auxiliary or FM Booster stations. A permittee of a new radio broadcast station is not required to file a license renewal application unless a license is granted prior to the expiration date for radio stations in its particular state or jurisdiction.


Recent and Important Renewal Updates
Important: Verify the Station’s Mailing and E-mail Addresses
The Station’s Local Public Inspection File
License Filing Renewal Dates
License Renewal Process — Broadcast Announcements (47 CFR Section 73.3580)
Timing of Announcements
Sample Pre-filing Announcement
Sample Post-filing Announcement
License Renewal Application Filing Fees
License Renewal Process — Electronic Filing Is Mandatory
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Filing Requirements
Petitions to Deny/Informal Objections
Mailing Addresses for Petitions to Deny, Informal Objections, and Comments
Additional Information about Radio Broadcast Station Renewals

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