Bluegrass Country broadcasts over 88.5 FM HD Channel 2 on June 21 in 2017

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An important note to our listeners!

Starting June 21, 2017, Bluegrass Country will no longer broadcast over 105.5 FM. The station will continue to broadcast over 88.5 FM HD Channel 2, streaming at, Internet radios, and via our smart phone apps for iOS and Android devices.

The 105.5 FM signal is owned by a third party with whom were unable, despite our best efforts, to reach a contract agreement going forward. We apologize for the inconvenience to our listeners who currently hear us at 105.5 FM.

All is not lost!

The 88.5 FM HD Channel 2 signal delivers better sound quality with a much larger broadcast range. HD radios for home and car are reasonably priced and easy to install. (Many newer cars come with an HD radio as standard equipment and you might already have one.) You can find out more about how you can tune into Bluegrass Country using HD here (How to Listen). If you’re having trouble, call us at 202.491.2247 or send an E-mail to and we’ll help.

About two thirds of our listeners already hear our broadcast via HD and the Internet. While the loss of 105.5 FM is frustrating, we remain in business and are committed to bringing you the bluegrass and roots music you love to hear.

We thank you for your understanding and continued support.


Jeff Ludin

President, Bluegrass Country Foundation


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